How to Cover Up a Tattoo With Drugstore Makeup




Introduction: How to Cover Up a Tattoo With Drugstore Makeup

What you'll need:

Moisturizer or any sort of primer

Foundation brush

Foundation that matches your skin tone

Depending on your skin tone, either orange or pink matte eye shadow

Eye shadow applicator

Concealer that matches your skin tone


Powder that matches your skin tone

Powder brush


Step 1: Moisturize or Prime

To start out, you want to take any moisturizer or primer and apply it to the tattoo.

Step 2: Apply Foundtion

Now, you want take your foundation brush and foundation and add a light layer over your tattoo. This is just to make the skin tone more even before we began to actually cover the tattoo up.

Step 3: Applying Eye Shadow

Now, you need to decide whether you have more of an orange skin tone or pink. Depending on what skin tone you have, that is the color eye shadow you choose.

Using your eye shadow brush and eye shadow you can begin to apply the eye shadow to your tattoo.

Be sure you are using patting motions and not wiping motions to insure you don't smear the product.

Step 4: More Eye Shadow

After you have covered you tattoo with eye shadow, you need to spray a layer of hairspray.

Let the hairspray dry and then Repeat step 3. adding another layer of shadow.

Once you have another layer of shadow, spray another layer of hairspray and let that completely dry before moving on.

Step 5: Applying Concealer

Next, using the other end of your shadow brush, swatch your concealer and start dabbing on the concealer.

Again, make sure you are dabbing and not wiping.

Once you have finished a layer, hairspray again and let dry.

Step 6: More Concealer

Once your hairspray has completely dried, add another layer of concealer.

This time, wiping directly on the skin instead of using the brush.

Add a layer of hairspray.

Then, repeat this process one more time.

Step 7: Applying Powder

The last thing you need to do is take your powder brush and powder and dab it on to your skin.

Make sure to dab and not wipe.

Once it looks how you want it to, hairspray one last time and you are ready to go!

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