How to Crack Excel Worksheet Password Protection

As a powerful tool for storing and handling data, Excel gets widely used by all kinds of people. For the data security people usually set a strong password protection to avoid others unwanted to open their worksheets. Yeah, it is very necessary.

While, once you yourself forgot or lost the Excel password protection and were locked out of your password protected worksheet, how can you crack your Excel password protection?

Or another situation is when you download an Excel worksheet for the web, but it is protected by unknown password so that you cannot open it. In this situation how can you crack the Excel worksheet password protection?

Through this article you will get one quick cracking solution instead of modifying hundreds of code in Excel, which most of the people have difficulty.

Step 1: Install Excel Password Geeker.

Download Excel Password Geeker and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Import Your Excel Worksheet.

  1. Run Excel Password Geeker.
  2. Click on Open button on the left corner of its tool bar.
  3. Navigate to the path to your Excel worksheet and Click on Open to import it.

Step 3: Start to Crack Excel Password.

  1. Click on Start button on the tool bar.
  2. Wait for a while and your password should be cracked and visible.
  3. Directly click on Copy button. Then open your password-protected Excel worksheet and paste the password. You can smoothly open your Excel worksheet.

Tips: You must have noticed the Type of attack on Excel Password Geeker window. From here you can choose one most suitable attack type which can make the speed of cracking password faster.

See more details about the different types of attack in Excel Password Geeker user Guide.

At last, you are recommended to keep this Excel Password Geeker at hand just in case you need to crack Excel document password. It can crack password for Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013.



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