How to Crack an Egg the Wrong Way

Introduction: How to Crack an Egg the Wrong Way


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Step 1: Paper

You know that old science experiment when people use the eggs off of balconies to see if they would crack,and then they would protect them using bubble wrap, paper, and foam. Well this is that.

Step 1: things you need: egg, paper, container, bubble wrap, and foam
Step 2: we are going to use paper first so crunch up paper and put it in the container
Step 3: drop it off the balconies and watch the carnage

Step 2: Bubble Wrap

This is the one you use to not crack your egg
Step1: get bubble wrap, wrap it around your egg
Step2: put in container
Step 3: drop!

Step 3: Foam

This may work if you do it right but mine didn't
Step 1: put the foam in container and on egg if possible
Step 2: drop!

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