How to Craft a Seasonal Ribbon Wreath




Introduction: How to Craft a Seasonal Ribbon Wreath

This craft is easy, inexpensive, and can be done for any season! The ribbon wreath takes 20-30 minutes to assemble and is at a beginner level of creativity. For the ribbon wreath you will need:

-A styrofoam wreath
-Colored Paper
-White Paper
-2 Spools of 1.5" x 3 Yard Ribbon
-Small width Ribbon
-Pre-made flowers (found in Scrapbook aisle of Hobby Lobby)

All of the materials were found at Hobby Lobby or around the house. If you need help at Hobby Lobby, there is always an employee walking around and they can be spotted in blue aprons. Check out the Sale sign as you walk in the door to see if the supplies are on sale.

Suggestion: Pick out a ribbon that is mostly solid first then base the colors of the flowers off of the ribbon!

Step 1: Apply Ribbon

1. Determine which side of the styrofoam wreath will be the back and mark "x" on it with a pen
2. Place the beginning of the ribbon on the "x" and staple the ribbon to the styrofoam wreath

Step 2: Wrap Ribbon

3. Pulling tightly wrap the ribbon around the wreath
4.  When you come to the end of the first ribbon staple the end to the styrofoam wreath

Suggestion: Pull the ribbon at a slight angle so it lays flat on the wreath

Step 3: Apply Second Spool

5. Add the new spool of ribbon on top of the end ribbon piece and staple it to the wreath
6. Again. pulling tightly wrap the ribbon around the wreath
7. At the end, staple the ribbon to the wreath

Step 4: Picking Out Flowers

8. Open packages of flowers
9. To visualize what they will look like on the wreath, arrange them on your work surface 

Suggestion: Don't be afraid to move the flowers around, mix textures, colors, and shapes!

Step 5: Applying Flowers

10. Push the pins from front to back of the flower
11. Pushing down on the pin head, stick the flower onto the wreath

Suggestion: Insert one or two pins in the flower as an accent

Step 6: Banner Letters

12. Using the scissors, cut out a small triangles from the colored papers

Suggestion: Stack all of the colored papers to make sure all triangles are the same size

13. Do the same with the white paper but make them a little smaller

14. Glue the white triangles on top of the colored triangles

15. Using the marker, write one letter on each triangle to spell out your seasonal word

I used "S" "P" "R" "I" "N" "G" to spell SPRING!

Suggestion: The triangles don't have to be perfect so don't fret over uneven edges

Step 7: Banner Ribbon

16. Set your wreath with the front face down
17. Pin your yarn to the back of the wreath
18. Flip the wreath over and pull the yarn tightly across the front of the wreath

Suggestion: You can put the yarn at an angle, straight across, or however you choose

19. When you have the yarn positioned how you like it, flip the wreath over again and pin the yarn down
20. Trim the end of the yarn so they are hidden

Step 8: Applying Banner Letters

21. Apply a small piece of tape at the top of the triangle letter
22. Place the first triangle on the far left of the ribbon
23. Fold the tape over the yarn and secure the tape to the back of the triangle
24. Continue this process moving to the right on the yarn to spell out your seasonal word

Step 9: Ribbon Hanger

25. Cut a foot long piece of the skinny ribbon
26. Tie the ribbon at the top of the wreath leaving about 6" of space between the bow and the wreath
27. To secure the ribbon, push pins into the back of the ribbon

Step 10: Hanging the Finished Wreath

You know have a finished ribbon wreath! The wreath can be placed anywhere from a wall, door, fence, or anywhere you like it. I found that using command hanging strips works great to put the wreath on a door or wall. This is a fun and easy craft that can be done for any season. Below are some color suggestions for each season.

Spring: Light colors such as blue, pink, green, and purple
Fall: Shades of brown, orange, red, and yellow
Winter: Darker blues, purple, green, and red
Summer: Bright pinks, oranges, greens, purples, and yellows

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    Aly Guizar
    Aly Guizar

    6 years ago

    Instead of the Styrofoam hoop you can get a pool noodle and make it into a circle.