How to Creaste a Portable IPod/Music Player Super Loud Speaker!

Introduction: How to Creaste a Portable IPod/Music Player Super Loud Speaker!

Many people enjoy the listening of music, but portablity, and sound quality are a must have when listening to music.
DIY LOUD Spreakers
Tape-suggest electrical tape but any will do!
speaker wire-or any red/black electrical wire
scissors-(didn't use in this tutorial but for striping the speaker wire)
3 speakers- any 3 speaker (i suggest that the speakers be the same)
3.5mm headphone jack to 3.5 mm headphone jack- found one at office supply store
A speaker amp-(i found a Altec speaker set unscrewed it and harvested the amp(the amp is the green board, i didnt feel like building one on a bread board), and the power supply
Power supply-used the one it came with (a 120v input and 15v output) you can use anything else like a 9 volt battery but lower voltage means softer sound comeing out of speaker (already tried),higher voltage louder(but DON'T overdo the voltage or risk damaging the amp!)
Speaker Housing- make what ever you want wood,cardboard,ect. (i found the speakers in the wooden housing on the side of the road for trash)
Lastly-a music player that accepts 3.5mm jacks,ipod,mp3,phone(note:the more the device outputs voltagly wise the louder,ex.ipod=loud,phone=soft,mp3=ranges,computer=LOUD.

This is very simple and easy just follow these steps and you will have an amazing cheap and loud speaker to use anywhere at the pool inside,for your computer,ect.

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Step 1: Organize Everything,and Start Connecting Wires!

First is first if you know anything about speakers or wires go ahead and strip the speaker wires (if not already striped) and connect the negative and positive wires to all three of the speakers,(you should have 6 total wires), (mine are one negative and one positive connected together, so i have three wires total,most speaker wire is like that),IF YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUGHT WIRES?SPEAKERS-

There are usually a red and a black wire black=negative red=posative,for speaker wire silver=negative, gold/copper color=positive
********wire color doesnt really matter as long as you remember witch is negative and witch is positive,LIKE yellow is my positive while blue is my negative.(BE SHURE TO REMEMBER THAT FOR THE WHOLE PROJECT!!)*******
anyways most speakers have a "-" or a "+" OR it is color marked red=positive while black=negative.
need any additional help ask in the question box.

**to connect the wires twist them together**
2.AFTER all wires are connected to the speakers straiten them out like shown in IMG1
3.NEXT split the negative/positive apart like so(is not needed for all wires) IMG2
4.connect the speakers in a series, like so (negative,positive-negative,positive-negative,positive)("-"means joing together) IMG4
5.locate one speaker connector (came from ONE of the atlec speaker set speaker)the dashed wire is my negative. img6
6.Connet the negative to negative and the posative to posative img7
7.apply tape around the exposed twisted wires to prevent the other wires touching. IMG8,9
8.Connect the plugs to the amp,3.5mm headphone port,power,and speakers(remembered which was witch when i harvested the amp)
9. Hide/stuff the wires into the case/housing IMG11
10.****Make shure that the volume on the amp is all the way up and the bass is half way***** IMG12 everything with ducktape as shown(my way of secureing everything!) IMG13,14

Step 2: Plug and Play

Now you have done all the hard steps
 First connect your battery source IMG1
  secoundly connect your music device IMG2
Adjust your volume on your device for the volume on the amp is maxed out.
depending on the amount of voltage from the power source to the amp and the voltage output on the music device will determin the amount of noise produced through the speakers

                                HAVE FUN WITH YOUR NEW SPEAKERS!!!!!

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