How to Create Animated Gif, DIY Stereo Sound, Remove Noise

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Hi there, wanna create animated gifs from your videos, or remove noise from your recordings, or edit audio like a pro with mixer or equalizer? Check this video for tutorial! More info

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Step 1: Step 2: Create Animated Gifs From Your Videos

Just edit your video, put some text and select GIF as your export format.

Step 2: Step 2:Remove Noise From Your Recordings

Another feature is a more powerful audio tool, in which, you can remove the noise from your recordings, make the voice crystal clear.

Step 3: Step 3:Edit Your Audio With Filmora's Effects

A sound mixer is available for you to create stereo sound. You can make the sound left channel only, or right channel only, adjust the volume from each track or the overall master volume.

Step 4:



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