How to Create Cartoon Faces




These faces are to help the average doodler or cartoonist to add something simple to their repertoire. They leave a lot to the imagination and can be edited tot he artists desire to fit many different emotions.


To make these sill drawings all you need is a basic pencil, paper and eraser.

Step 1: Drawing the Eyes

We start with the eyes, two large ovals. One of the ovals should slight;y overlap the other. The ovals can be better adjusted to better show emotions. Whichever oval is on top shows which direction the face is pointing.

Step 2: Adding the Nose

Next the nose is added. This could be a small curve or a giant ball, it just depends on the desired look. The top of the nose should start at the bottom of the eyes where the two eyes meet and curve downward.

Step 3: Time for the Mouth

After that we add the mouth. Sometimes this can be tricky, but as long as your mouth isn't too far below the nose everything should be okay. This is another opportunity to show character and emotion. The opening of the mouth should face the same direction as the eyes.

Step 4: Add the Ears Next

Next on the list are the ears. This may be the simplest step. They can be big elephant ears or tiny little bumps. Keep in mind that because your drawing is facing direction, only one ear can be seen. Line it up so that it lines up with the nose.

Step 5: Chin Up

Now we add the bottom half of the head, featuring the chin. Start a line at the ear and follow the curvature of the mouth. This step provides an opportunity to show some kind of weight to the character. Is he/she fat or

Step 6: Slap on the Eyebrows

We're almost done! The next step of the eyebrows. They will kind of look like they are floating for the moment. you can some expression to the face by tilting the eye brows certain ways, or raising one or both of them

Step 7: Finishing Touch: the Hair

To finish of the faces, the hair must be put on. There can be many different styles of hair on a person. My favorite is the spiky look in the picture. Start your style at the ear and draw forwards, making sure to draw above the eyebrows. Seal the drawing with a hairline that goes across the forehead. This hairline may or may not cut throught



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    4 years ago

    U should do a tutorial for cartoon bodies too