How to Create Electronic Music




Introduction: How to Create Electronic Music

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We make a lot of music, which for some can be as easy as strumming a guitar or as complex as an entire orchestral arrangement. For our music, we like to use the instruments we have around us and with some Whisker-style manipulation, turn it into an electronic track, or whatever genre we happen to be into that day.

This video is a step by step of Whisker showing how he turns audio from a old timey jazz record, LSDJ on a gameboy, and guitar into a track with manipulation via GarageBand.

He explains how he goes about making this track through demonstrating and giving tips on: isolating drum tracks, how the effects he uses works, how he chooses what portions to use from his recordings, and how he creates a pumping feel to the track with compression (just to name a few).

Hope you enjoy it and find some useful tips! (And enjoy the song too!)



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