How to Create Flawless Eyeliner

How to Create Flawless Eyeliner

Step 1: Starting Out

Begin with a light layer of mascara and your primer/foundation of choice.

Step 2: Mark Where You Want Your Liner to End

Starting from the middle of your eyelid, draw a smooth curved line that ends about half a centimeter below your eyebrow or wherever you want your liner to reach.

Step 3: Connect the Line

Starting from the corner of your eye, draw a thin line connects to your previous line on the center of the lid. Note that the line should be thinner closer to the tear duct, and widen to match the thickness of the center line.

Step 4: Great! You Have One Eye Done. Now Try the Other.

Uh oh....these don't seem to match at all.

Step 5: Erase! Try Again!

Oh great, this isn't how you wanted it. Why is it so hard to make both eyes match?

Step 6: Getting Angry

It's not working! This should be the simplest thing! Does this mean I'm a failure as a woman? Aargh it's not washing off anymore!!!!

Step 7: Acceptance

You know what? Maybe you will never have perfect eyeliner, but that doesn't mean you aren't a great person right? So maybe you won't be a makeup artist in the future. Just wipe away those black-stained tears and find a different career to pursue.



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