How to Create Marble Looking Coffee Mugs

Introduction: How to Create Marble Looking Coffee Mugs

You want 5 simple steps to take your boring old coffee mug and turning it into your fun and elegant coffee mug? All it really takes is some fingernail polish and some water then you can have that boring old mug looking like something new and fun! People are going to wish they had one too! So get a group of your friends and have a little DIY party!

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Step 1: Getting Your Materials

First you are going to want your materials! What you’ll need:

a. bucket or tote filled with warm water (one that you’re willing to maybe get rid of after because fingernail polish might destroy it)

b. Finger-Nail Polish (pick any colors of your choice!)

c. Toothpicks (optional)

d. Acrylic Gloss (spray or paint)

e. Last but not least Coffee Mugs

Step 2: Create Your Design

Second, take the fingernail polish that you want to mix together, and you pour it into the hot water. I personally tried to make my design while pouring my fingernail polish into the water but you can use the toothpicks and mix it tog ether to get a different type of marble look if you’d like.

Step 3: Dipping the Mug

Then once you have all your colors in your water take your coffee mug and dip it in a more circular motion. This getting the fingernail polish all around the bottom sides of the mug. Creating that marble look that we are wanting.

Step 4: The Drying Phase

Pull the mug out gently and flip over to let it dry. If you'd like you can take a toothpick and spread some of the color to give it a blended marble look or to break up any of the clumps that might be on the mug.

Step 5: Glossy Finish

Give it about 5-10 minutes to dry and then spray it with the Acrylic Gloss Spray. Make sure you spray all around the mug and also that you spray about 5-8 inches away so the liquid won't smudge your design. After you spray it let it dry over night then BAM, you have your marble coffee mug!!!

Step 6: The Finished Project

After you let it dry over night you will be able to have your morning coffee in your beautiful new marble coffee mug, making you feel a little happier and spunkier with your cup of jo.

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    1 year ago

    Such a neat effect. Thank you for sharing the process! : )