How to Create Pretty Boho Hair

Introduction: How to Create Pretty Boho Hair

About: We believe StyleUnited is the first ever truly personalized, head-to-toe, online beauty and fashion platform. We connect women to their full style potential using these innovative tools: *Style 360 -- A pe…  The beauty of boho hair is that it is natural and free-flowing, so it doesn't require hours with hot styling tools. It's slept-in and a touch messy, but never sloppy.  In this video we show you how to create this boho look, step by step.


1. Part your hair: If you're fresh from the shower, towel dry hair well, then comb your wet hair through with a wide-tooth comb, just slightly off center.

2. Add some product: Depending on your hair texture, add a dollop of curl cream or a spritz or two of salt spray. I like to use Fekkai Summer Beach Waves salt spray. You can either scrunch it through for more free-formed waves, or twist hair into spirals for more precise curls.

3. Keep your hands off! Don't touch it again until your hair is completely dry. No tucking behind your ears or running your fingers through it - that can cause frizz.

After your hair is dry, you have a few options.
1. Do the "medieval princess": Take a small half-inch section of hair from slightly above your temple and twist it back, clipping with a small barrette. Repeat on the other side.

2. Create "mermaid braids": Simply braid one, two or three tiny sections of your hair in the front or the sides. Secure each with a small, clear elastic that won't distract from the style. It's also fun to add one at the base of your hairline so it peeks out as you move.

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