How to Create Reflection in GIMP

Introduction: How to Create Reflection in GIMP

Hi Everyone, In this Article I'm gonna show you How to create a Reflection in GIMP

Note: GIMP is the Alternative for Photoshop. Hence you can try this same method in Photoshop as well

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Step 1: Add a New Image

  • Open GIMP
  • Go to File - New
  • Make the Width to 1920 px and Height to 1080 px
  • Change the Fill Type to Foreground Color which is black by default

Step 2: Add a Text

  • Select Text Tool
  • Change the Text Color to White
  • Choose your Favorite Font
  • Change the Size of the Text
  • Type your Text inside the Canvas
  • Position the Text in the Canvas

Step 3: Create a Reflection Layer

  • Duplicate the Text Layer
  • Flip the Text Vertically using Flip Tool
  • Move the Text exactly to the bottom of the original text

Step 4: Add Layer Mask

  • Add a layer Mask with White Full opacity to the Flipped Text Layer

Step 5: Use of Blend Tool

  • Select Blend Tool
  • Make the Foreground Color as Black and Background Color as White
  • Click and drag from the middle or bottom of the flipped text to the Top of the Original text

Step 6: Changing Opacity

  • Change the Opacity of the Flipped Text layer to 80

Step 7: Conclusion

That's it Guys!! This is the very simple method to create a Reflection in GIMP. If you have any doubts Watch this Video I have explained every steps in details over there.

Thanks for Reading. God Bless

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