How to Create Teleportation Pods in Minecraft V.2

This will teach you how to teleport from a pod in Minecraft.

Step 1: Get a Command Block

Use the command /give *your name here* command_block to get yourself a command block. Substitute *your name here* for your in-game Minecraft name.

Step 2: Build the Pods

I built a pod that I thought I liked. The pod on the right shows the exterior, while the pod on the left shows the interior.

Step 3: Get the Coordinates of 1 Block.

By pressing F3, you can view the coordinates of the block you are standing on. Don't forget the coordinates, and don't forget to use 0.5s to get the most accurate teleport you can.

Step 4: Type in the Command

Go into the OTHER pod and type in tp @p X Y Z. TP is short for teleport, @p signifies that you are teleporting the player closest to the command block. Substitute the X,Y, and Z coordinates for the X,Y, and Z in the command. By typing this into the OTHER pod, it means that when you step into the first pod, you will teleport to this pod.

Step 5: Repeat This in the Other Pod

Take the coordinates of the pod you just typed the command into, and go to the first pod and type the coordinates in, using tp @p X Y Z.

Step 6: Teleport!

Step onto the pressure plate of 1 pod. By stepping on the pressure plate, you activate the command block teleporting you to the other block. As proof of your profound teleportation, check the chat and it should say that you have teleported to new coordinates.



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    Bonnie is a girl

    3 years ago

    Does this need mods and does it really need a command block