How to Create Your Own Coloring Pattern Using Geomegic Method




Introduction: How to Create Your Own Coloring Pattern Using Geomegic Method

About: Geomegic is a system, a method, a technique of drawing geometric coloring patterns using the grid.

For this instructable you're going to need:

  • Grid page (see triangle grid page pdf file attached in the next step, requires Adobe Reader)
  • Black pen or lead pencil and an eraser. If you're new to the Geomegic method you may want to use lead pencil first, that way if you make a mistake it's easy to fix.
  • Your favorite coloring pens or markers. It's entirely up to you how you want to color your pattern. There is no right or wrong way to do it although we provide some optional tips on how to color symmetrical patterns so it's fun and looks good. Just grab a few of your favorite colors and you're good to go!

What is Geomegic?

Geomegic is easy and intuitive geometric pattern design & coloring method.

It’s easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Here is how it works:

  1. Step 1 > Download and print a grid page.
  2. Step 2 > Design your pattern.
  3. Step 3 > Color your pattern.

That’s it!
It’s so much fun but not only that. It’s educational and even meditative! Develop your creativity, patience, precision. Relax and unwind. Learn geometrical shapes and relationships between shapes in a fun – colorful – creative way. The possibilities are endless. Start drawing Geomegic patterns today and see where your creativity takes you!

The pattern you see in the video of this step is called "Pinwheel Fancy-Schmancy" Coloring Pattern and you can find more details at this page:

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Step 1: Download and Print the Grid Page

Download a special grid page.

Download and then print a blank grid page – your drawing canvas page. The page has grid lines (or dots) that will help you and guide you through the design process.

Triangle grid page with additional instructions is attached to this step. If you'd like to see what other grid pages are available please go to Geomegic has a few grid pages to choose from. We'll start with a Small Triangle Grid page.

There are two options:

  • Download Grid page with instructions - choose this option if you are downloading the grid page for the first time and you want to have instructions handy.
  • Download just the Grid page (no instructions) - choose this option if you know what you're going to be doing and you don't need explicit instructions.

Step 2: Design Your Pattern

Design your pattern.

Using the grid page and a black pen or pencil, design your own unique coloring pattern based on the techniques provided in the instructional videos. If you're new to Geomegic you may want to try our patterns first. There is plenty to choose from.

These videos and step by step drawing pictures are based on the Pinwheel Advanced Coloring Pattern.

Find more pattern ideas at

Step 3: Color Your Pattern

Color your pattern.

Now color your pattern any way you choose or use sample color combinations & designs provided in these instructions.

These videos and step by step drawing pictures are based on the Pinwheel Advanced Coloring Pattern.

Please visit for more pattern ideas, step by step instructional videos, coloring designs tips and techniques.

Just feel like coloring? Download Free printable Geomegic coloring patterns eBook

Here are a few Coloring tips

Step 4: What's Next

You can draw all kinds of cool coloring patterns using Geomegic method and draw inspiration for your ideas just about anywhere - your imagination, of cause and then things you may spot on tv or objects around you at home such as decorative items, floor tiles, and backsplashes, architectural details, ethnic motives, things you see in nature like plants and flowers.

Here is a pattern inspired by objects spotted in a TV Show:

TV Show “Dark Matter” inspired coloring pattern

This pattern was inspired by heart shapes you see a lot on Valentine's Day

Please visit us on Instagram (that's where most of the action is happening) and see latest coloring project ideas inspired by simple things around us -

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    This looks like a lot of fun. Thanks!


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    Thank you very much seamster! If you try the method please share the patterns you come up with. I really love seeing how unique the patterns that every individual creates are!