How to Create Your Own Marketing Video + TIPS &TRICKS ON IMovie

Introduction: How to Create Your Own Marketing Video + TIPS &TRICKS ON IMovie

As young entrepreneurs,we often go too far to make are product viewed, and we often forget the simple way. Which is, making videos on Youtube. Indeed, We created hoodies for high school's graduate, although we needed are hoodies to be mediatized. In this instructable, we are going to show you tips and tricks in order to create the perfect marketing video.

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Step 1: Tools, Material and Files

tools to create the hoodies

  1. 1 Iron

Material to create the hoodies

  1. T-Shirt Iron-On Transfers
  2. hoodies

Material for the video

  • 1 greenscreen
  • 1 camera video
  • 3 studio lights


It won't transfer as a file but it is the picture above.


  • iMoviee

  • Photoshop (free trial)

  • GarageBand


for the greenscreen background:

Step 2: STEP 1

creating the product

As mentioned before we created hoodies for Highschool graduates.

In order to make them we:

  1. Created the logo in photoshop. ( the logo we created is under the section file on the first page)
  2. Printed the logo with the transfer paper. (Make sure to print the logo reversed)
  3. Ironed the logo on to the hoodie.

Step 3: STEP 2

Filming the video

  1. Visualize and make a plan for the video
  2. Make sure you are respecting the filming rules in your area
  3. Find some actor or even film yourself using the product
  4. Film many clips as you want


Edit the video

In this video, you will learn how to:

  1. Color correct
  2. Make adds-in
  3. Split screen
  4. Change the time laps
  5. Make green screen effects

Step 5: STEP 4

create you sound or music:

My music was created on GarageBand but it's up to you. Make sure you are respecting copyrights.

Step 6: STEP 5

Upload to youtube:

  1. Make sure your audience will be able to contact you (for our business we chose facebook)
  2. Make you are not violating any rules mostly copyrights
  3. Upload your video and try to share it on as many social media platforms

Step 7: Conclusion

As you may see on the video the t-shirt was gray. It was not our intention at all. We first made the hoodie with a white logo, although without thinking we wash are hoodies before ironing it and we didn't have an extra pair of hoodies. As a solution, we tried to play with the color effects. Indeed, having an extra pair of hoodies for the video would have been useful in order to make a couple of tries. For advice, in order to make your marketing video, you should make sure that your project is perfect and well presented.

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