How to Burn a CD

Introduction: How to Burn a CD

Have you ever wanted to get free music to make a CD, but couldn't find that one song that you wanted the most? And you don't want to get viruses or other nasty add-ons from programs like LimeWire? This article will tell you find out how to get music off of YouTube in an MP3 or WAV CD Quality format, then burn it to a CD using a single free easy to use application.

Step 1: Install Youtube CD Creator

  1. Go to YouTube CD Creator's website and click where it says "Click here to download YouTube CD Creator". There is also a video version of this tutorial on their website, if you prefer to watch instead.
  2. After it has finished downloading click "setup.msi". Keep clicking "Next" or "Yes" until the installation has finished

Step 2: Download Your Free Music

  1. Launch Youtube CD Creator. Double click on the Youtube CD Creator icon on your desktop. A new window will open, it will look a bit like a web browser crossed with Windows Media Player. Click on the URL bar and type in the name of the song you want. It will automatically go and search YouTube for your song.
  2. Click on the song you want, and you will notice the "Get Song" button flashing. Click it and your song will be downloaded and converted for you
  3. Keep doing this until you have all the songs you want, then click on "Create CD"

Step 3: Burn Your Songs to CD

  1. Click the big green button that says "Create CD". Make sure you've inserted a blank CD into your computer ''before'' clicking the button.
  2. You now have a CD with free music!

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