How to Create a Dragon Age: Inquisition Character on Xbox One

Introduction: How to Create a Dragon Age: Inquisition Character on Xbox One

These instructions will guide you through the basic process of creating a character in the newest installment of the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is important to properly perform the set up of your character to get the most out of your time playing the game. If you do not make the right choices when creating your character, you may be dissatisfied with his or her performance and may need to start over with a new player to get the best experience. With these instructions, there is no further experience needed in order to successfully complete this process, and depending on how careful you are on choosing a race and class and on how meticulous you are to customizing their appearance, this process can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. After following these instructions to create your character, you will be ready to embrace the Inquisition with an avatar perfectly suited to your play style.

Needed materials:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One controller
  • Dragon: Age Inquisition game disc

Step 1: Deciding Your Play Style

Before you begin choosing a race, class, and designing your appearance, first consider what type of role you want to take in combat. For those who are completely new to the game, party play is heavily encouraged, and you can and should travel with up to four non-player characters in your group while adventuring. Keeping this in mind, it is important to consider how you want to play in a group dynamic. If you create a player that can do one job well, you can easily form a team around yourself.

1. Decide if you want to use long-range or short-range combat techniques.

NOTE: Long-range styles generally consist of using a bow and arrow or using a staff. Short-range combat is typically restrained to dual-wielding and using a one-handed weapon and a shield or a two-handed weapon.

2. Consider how you want to contribute to the party in your specialized role.

NOTE: Most functions can be performed by both long-range and short-range characters, but some roles are better suited for one than the other. This step can be completed without in depth knowledge of RPG strategies, but if you are interested information can easily be found online.

3. Get an idea of the personality you would want your character to exude in social situations and when you reach a decision point in game play.

Step 2: Choosing Basic Characteristics

The next step is to choose the basic template for your character by selecting the race and class. This step also includes specifying a difficulty level for the game. It is important to select the right class and race because they provide special bonuses and restrictions and how other characters will regard you during the progression of the story.

1. From the main menu, select "New Game" to begin the creating a character.

NOTE: Use the 'A' button to make selections throughout the process.

2. Choose the sex of your character by hitting 'RB' or 'LB'.

NOTE: This will not affect combat, but it will affect your social interactions. Romance is available in the game with certain NPC's. They have specific gender preferences, so each sex will have different options.

3. Select a race for your character.

NOTE: The four races; Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Qunari (a race unique to the game that resemble grey-skinned giants with horns); each have benefits as you can see in the pictures and in the game. Social interactions are also affected by this choice as races don't always get along.

CAUTION: Dwarves cannot be mages.

4. Select a class.

NOTE: You will notice that there are two options available for the warrior and rogue during selection highlighting the different weapon types for each class. While the skill trees, weapons, and armor are the same for each selection of the same class, your first weapon and skills will differ.

5. Select a difficulty after reading their descriptions and considering your skill level and the amount of challenge you desire.

6. After reading the background story for your character, it will ask if you want to use the default world state. It is possible to customize this by going onto More information can be found on the site and will not be discussed in this Instructable.

Step 3: Designing Your Appearance

Each race has unique features but the basic concepts are the same. I will cover the general steps here and will leave you to explore the finer details.

1. Explore the pre-made templates and select with the 'X' button the one that most resembles the character appearance you would prefer, paying particular attention to voice and face constructs.

2. Customize general features by hitting 'A' to modify, sliding the bar with the left stick until satisfied, then hitting 'A' for confirmation.

NOTE: These include basic things like the general shape of the face, tone and complexion of the skin, and other primary aspects of appearance like hair (or horns) and eyes, and voice.

3. Manipulate the head and ears, nose, and mouth and jaw.

NOTE: These are three different customization categories to explore if the general features did not get you to where you wanted to be. If you are content with your character before exploring these options, they are not necessary.

4. Garnish with scars and makeup if desired.

5. Press 'Y' when you are content with your appearance.

6. Use the default name or create one of your own.

7. Select 'A' to begin playing.

Step 4: Influencing Your Personality

As mentioned when deciding your play style, your character's personality is influenced by the actions you take, quests you complete, and dialogue options that you choose. This process of forming the way others view you begins immediately as the game begins.

1. Choose the appropriate dialogue options in the initial dialogue.

NOTE: When a dialogue options makes a forked arrow appear in the middle of the selection circle, it indicates that it will influence the direction of the conversations. When more emotionally connected pictures appear, it indicates an option that affects your personality. A gripped fist resembles anger; a man with crossed arms, stoicism; a heart, romance; a tear, compassion; a question mark, a questioning nature, and so on.

2. Continue making decisions like this for your character and play the way you want to play.

Step 5: Changing Your Gear

1. Obtain new equipment.

NOTE: Weapons, armor, and jewelry can be looted from fallen enemies, bought from stores, or crafted at creation stations. For more information on crafting, view

2. Pause the game and select the inventory menu.

3. Select the category Weapons, Armor, or Accessories depending on what you want to change.

4. Compare available items with what is equipped by pressing 'X'.

NOTE: Armor and weapon types are restricted to specific classes. In general, swords, shields, two-handed melee weapons, and heavy armor are reserved for Warriors. Mages typically have a monopoly on staves and light armor. Rogues in turn use medium armor, daggers, and bows and arrows

5. If you like the new piece better, arm your character with it by hitting 'A,' or hit 'B' if you prefer the current outfit.

You should now have a fully constructed and outfitted character whose personality is left to be formed and abilities are to be improved for the duration of the game. If you followed these instructions carefully, you should have a character to fulfill the game style you chose earlier. Don't be afraid to make multiple characters to try the different races and classes. It's a game of many options, and they are worth exploring. If you are interested in reading about more of the skills available in other classes, many game guides are available such as Now, go seal the Rift!

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