How to Create a Fall Outdoor Display

Introduction: How to Create a Fall Outdoor Display

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To turn your lawn into a fall & festive display it's easy. All you need is listed below to have the perfect autumn display.

4-6 square bales of straw or hay (you can also add large round bales as desired)

3-4 pumpkins

20 Corn Stalks (tie in bundles of 5 for a nice display)

2-3 gourds (white accents the orange pumpkins well)

Mum Flowers (you can get these at Lowes, Walmart or any Garden Center)

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Step 1: Wheel Barrow's Look Great With a Display

mix colors of mums and place pumpkins in a wheel barrel or a wagon for a full and colorful display.

Step 2: Large Containers/Whiskey Barrels Makes Excellent Display Holders

Use a seasoned whiskey barrel and display same or different colored mums and pumpkins for a colorful showcase.

Step 3: The #1 Display Is With Hay or Straw Bales, Pumpkins and Corn Stalks

This is bar-none the most colorful and authentic of all displays. Favored by most homeowner's especially in the south where decorating is a must for old southern plantations.

Step 4: Little Red Wagon Full of Fall Colors

For small areas and spaces, a little red wagon is a perfect addition.

Step 5: Placing Mums Alongside Fences Makes an Excellent Fall Scenery

Mums you can use just about anywhere.This is a display of mums placed by a white picket fence which is a great idea for those that time is not an allotment for heavy duty displays.

Step 6: Mums Comes in Lots of Different Colors

Most homeowners use a variety of colors when decorating for Fall. Just like the fall foliage, you can get an assortment of colors of mums that looks amazing.

Step 7: Hay Bales in All Shapes & Sizes

From round bales to square bales, there's always the perfect one just for your next fall display project.

Step 8: Front Door Displays Are Popular in Metropolitan Areas

In larger suburbs and cities where a large yard is not a convenience, some homeowner's are opting for front door decorating which can look very good and upscale.

Step 9: Our Favorite Fall Display Scene

We love the look of this wooden wagon display.

We know you're wanting to know- Where can I buy plants at online? I do not have the time to go out and ship.

Places You Can Order Flowers & Plants Online

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Step 10:

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