How to Create a Fun Label for Your Beer With Labelely

Introduction: How to Create a Fun Label for Your Beer With Labelely

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Why do people love beer? There are numerous reasons that beer aficionados would list right now, but mostly people find beer very refreshing, and with its limitless diversity everyone can find a flavor they prefer. Beer also has its historical importance. Even the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians enjoyed this refreshing beverage. Today, with the craft beer industry blooming, we have more and more beer lovers who venture into brewing their first batch of beer.

While it is certainly important for beer to taste good, labeling it also contributes to the whole experience of tasting it, regardless of whether brewing beer is only a hobby or a small business. Creating a unique beer label design is important for establishing the distinct brand identity among both the general public (if you sell your beer) and friends (if you brew only for family and close friends).

Here enters Labeley -- a free online tool for creating the perfect label for your beer. Labeley offers a wide range of free label shapes, graphics, colors and fonts. And because of the simplicity of its interface, everyone can use it since it doesn’t require any previous design skills.

Step 1: How to Use Labeley?

1. Go to Labeley’s main page ( and click on the green “Start Designing” button. Besides the beer category, you can also choose from three other categories (general, kids and wine) in accordance with your needs.

Step 2: Label Elements and Options

2. Once the interface opens, you’ll notice that the tool offers several label elements and options for designing, such as choosing the label shape, border, background, graphic, text or uploading your own image for the label design.

Step 3: Select a Border

3. After you’ve chosen the appropriate shape for your beer label, you can go to the next label element and choose border. If you don’t want your label to have a border you can, of course, skip this option.

Step 4: Selecting Background Color

4. The following step is choosing how the background will look. The tool allows you to choose only a color for the label, or to choose both color and some of the predesigned backgrounds.

Step 5: Adding Graphics

5. Next, click on the “Graphic” option and choose from the numerous graphics the tool offers. You can select as many graphics as you like. This option also allows resizing the graphic, centering the object, re-positioning it, etc. If none of the graphics are appropriate for your design, you can easily upload any image from your computer by selecting the upload option.

Step 6: Add Text to Your Label

6. Once you’re done with the graphics, it’s time to add text to your label. Go to the “Text” button and choose from the list of fonts, colors and styles for your words. If you desire your text to be curved, play a little and insert it letter by letter, and then re position them in the direction you want.

Step 7: Save the Design

7. After you’re done designing, click on the “Save Label” button in the upper right corner. This is the design that we’ve saved.

Hopefully, Labeley will help you design

a label that will attract many beer aficionados. Just visit, give it a try and have fun.


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