How to Create a Helicopter From LEGO

Introduction: How to Create a Helicopter From LEGO

Picture shows the helicopter we are going to create

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Step 1: Step One

Firstly, we need to have a thin 4x2 legos and two 6x1 lego connect to each other to create your base.

Step 2: Step Two

For the body part, we need to have 2x4 lego connect above the thin 2x4 lego

Step 3: Step Three

Then, connect one line 1x 8 lego besides the previous lego. Take 1x1 lego and connect at the end of the one-line-lego. This will be as a connector and a place for an emergency lamp. For the emergency lamp, we can use a small round shape lego. You can refer on the picture for the lamp.

Step 4: Step Four

Place the transparent windshield lego on the front of the body. This will be the place for 'pilot'.

Step 5: Step Five

Place 2x2 lego behind the transparent windshield. By this, we finish the body part

Step 6: Step Six

Place a connector above the previos 2x2 lego. This will be as the connector between the body and the blades. Refer on picture to understand better. 

Step 7: Step Seven

Lastly, connect the blade with the previous connector and you are done!

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