How to Create a Jewelry Organizer




Introduction: How to Create a Jewelry Organizer

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Learn how to create a Jewelry Organizer out of Common Closet Things



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    I just LOVE this idea!! Sometimes it takes another person to show you things that you would've never thought of on your own!! Thanks so much!!

    Great idea with the lacy scarf! I actually made a couple of jewelry holder/displays a couple of years ago using a couple of long pieces of new cross stitch material. I cut the material the width of a wooden clothes hanger, folded it over the lower wooden piece and machine stitched it about 3/4" across just to hold it into place. That way is doesn't move off the hanger. The cross stitch material worked great for post earrings, french hooks and lever backs. For bracelets and necklaces I got a couple of packages of safety pins and hooked the pins on the front side and could just open one to get the necklace down. You could add designs on the cross stitch by cross stitch, Sharpies, paints, dyes, buttons, etc.

    Me encantan tus vídeos de youtube y ahora me entero que también tienes una cuenta aquí. Es genial n_n lindo tutorial.

    i did this a few years ago (without having seen the video) but with a mesh screen, like the type used on a porch door, and it has lasted for years! I also added a small pocket at the bottom of my screen by folding the material over to catch any fallen earrings.

    Nice video but I suspect that day to day use would end up tearing the lace.

    Cute, but this would only work for these type of earrings, not post earrings. It looks really nice though and is a great idea and accent for your bathroom. :)

    What about necklaces, bracelets and such? I suppose you could use safety pins ;o)

    I love this. Super simple! And all the girls are wondering why they hadn't thought of it first.

    I refuse to believe you just made an instructable that didn't involve:

    1) ripping apart underwear / sweaters
    2) making it into something provocative
    3) you modeling your creation at the end (damn!)

    Great idea though, and the clothes hanger is perfect as you can move it to just about anywhere you need to! Nice.

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    Yeah, but since it does feature her charismatic smile and the heavy bass beat in the music, I can probably watch it more than a few times.

    This is Very Resourceful, Yeah! Girls are always losing their stuff. namely jewelry.... Great video.