How to Create a New Matrix That Number Goes Up (in Batch File!)

Introduction: How to Create a New Matrix That Number Goes Up (in Batch File!)

Today, I'm make a new matrix file that number goes up. You can read code and edit it by your color you like. If you want more batch file please comment below.

Step 1: You Are Need Start to Make a New File

Open Notepad ==> Create a new file ==> Save a file in type All file and name it as matrix.bat.

If you have some software to make a batch file, just open and go to next steps.

Step 2: Copy This Code and Try Download Batbox.exe

You are need copy this codes below:

@echo off

mode con:cols=80 lines=25



set /a loc=%RANDOM%*80/32768+1

set /a num=%random%*9/32768+1

set last=%num%

batbox /g %loc% 24 /d "%num%"

batbox /g 0 24


goto random

When you done, please download batbox.exe (can found in everywhere) to folder you save matrix.bat

Step 3: More Information of Me

You can read or not read (by you want)

I'm are a new user, can make a everything with other command. So you have a nice command, please comment below.

If you want to see all of my demo, please see all photos I'm are listed here.

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