How to Create a Paper Lamp




Introduction: How to Create a Paper Lamp

Clara Lemos, Isabella Costa, Larissa Hoffmann, Sabrina Moll - AN5DP

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Step 2: Print

Step 3: Glue

Step 4: Lamp

Step 5: The Concept of the Project: the Text Digitalization and the Transformation of Art by Douglas Kellner

As Douglas Kellner discusses in his piece, Digitalization and the
Transformation of Art, Art and technology have always been interrelated. Kellner begins the piece by discussing how even drawings in caves required some form of technology, referring to drawing instruments. Kellner later discusses how as time has progressed and technologies have become more advanced, art has changed with it.

One example of how art has changed with technology is our project. For our project, we used advancements in technology in order to print 3 Dimensional pieces from a laser printer and compile them into one piece to demonstrate light. Before 3 Dimensional printing and advanced laser printers, making this particular piece of art would not have been possible. This is exactly what Kellner spoke about in his piece.

Kellner also discussed how art, thanks to the 21st Century, has become a form of expression that everybody can afford and take part in. He explained how art is now less expensive to create so the masses can, in effect, be artists. For the purpose of our project, the 21st Century technology that is not really expensive for us to use was crucial. Without it, our project would not have happened. The technology is moving so fast that even 10 years ago this project would have been too expensive to create. Because the technology is moving fast, our ability to create beautiful and practical pieces is exponentially increasing.

Just as Kellner is excited about the future junctions of technology and art, we are too. The endless amount of artwork, both functional or otherwise, will only become easier and more incredible as technology advances. And to show this pieces to the world has become easier as well. You can post your work online on websites just like and and many others for the world to see and be able to get inspired by it and even learn how to make it by steps, which was why we decided to make this work and post it here.

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