How to Create a Personalized Gift for Wine Lovers




Introduction: How to Create a Personalized Gift for Wine Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for someone you care about is always hard. Usually people resort to giving money or a gift certificate, well not today.  If you are trying to find a gift for someone who enjoys drinking wine, this will be the perfect gift idea for you.


By etching a monogram on a set of wine glasses will create a stylish and personable gift that anyone can make. To complete this project patience and time is required. Make sure to have at least 10 days to allow the glasses to dry.


By adding the receiver's favorite bottle of wine and a bottle opener  can give an added touch for the perfect gift. Wrap gift items together to match the occasion; birthdays, christmas, anniversaries, etc. Also this idea can be tweaked for coffee, liquor, or any glass; just add the drink and a small accessory that matches the glass.  

-Glass item of choice
-White frost Permenamel
-Air dry Permenamel surface conditioner (not required)
-Stencil adhesive
-Stencil of the letter of your choice
-Stencil tape
-Paint brush (optional)
-Empty box to fit gift items in
-Wrapping paper
-Ribbon (optional)
-Wine of choice (beverage of choice)
-Wine bottle opener (accessory of choice)

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Step 1: Choosing Your Theme

First decide your theme, the kind of glass, the style of the lettered stencil, and extra items to fit the theme you decided. For this example we will be using a wine theme.  

Step 2: Preparing Your Glass

Prep the area being etched by cleaning the glass with soapy water and dry completely. Rub the surface with the conditioner to provide a clean and quality etching area (optional).

Step 3: Preparing Your Stencil #1

Cut the stencil around the letter of your choice; making sure to leave enough edge around the letter to allow space to attach the tape.

Step 4: Preparing Your Stencil # 2

Apply a thin coat of adhesive to the back of the stencil to provide extra reinforcement to the middle of the stencil. Let that dry for 5-10 minutes, or until clear and tacky. 

Step 5: Monogram Location

Stick the stencil on the glass where you want the monogram to be located; this will not completely hold the stencil in place, so keep your finger held until the next step.

Step 6: Adding Stick Strength

For added stability, place tape around all four edges of the stencil.  Try to get the stencil as flat to the glass as possible, with no bubbling.

Step 7: Applying Enamel to Sponge

Squeeze a small amount of enamel on to a paper plate.  Blot your sponge into the enamel, and dab off the excess leaving only a thin coat left on the end. 

Step 8: Applying the Enamel to Glass

Repeat the dabbing motion on the area prepped, making sure to apply only a thin coat.  If the coat is too thick, it will bleed under the stencil causing a deformed monogram.

Step 9: Lag Time

Let the enamel dry for one hour.  Never remove the stencil before it is dry.

Step 10: Cleaning Up

Make sure to clean out the sponge after every coat so that it does not get hard for the next use.

Step 11: Repeating Steps

Repeat steps 7-10 two or three times, or until you reach the desired effect you want.   Make sure not to overcoat or it will peel of over time.  

Step 12: Waiting

Let sit to dry for 10 days to completely dry.  Be sure to wash with care to prevent chipping.  Enamel is not dishwasher safe.

Step 13: Putting Everything Together

After the glasses have dried for 10 days, pack them with the bottle of wine and opener in an empty box.  Make sure to have some sort of cushion, such as newspaper or tissue paper, so the items do not break.

Step 14: Final Presentation

The last step is to wrap the box with wrapping paper to fit occasion and a bow for added charm. 

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    you can also do this with etching cream, its impossible for it to every rub off and it comes our really crisp

    works really well.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Austin for the link! I went there and discovered I can FINALLY get someone to make some CUSTOM stencils for me! Yippie!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much for posting this! I am trying to find a way to permanently ETCH or permanently PAINT on plastic Acrylic Plexiglass glasses and dishware...any suggestions?