How to Create a Printable Character Sheet on Open Office Spreadsheet

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In this tutorial you are going to learn how easy it is to create a decent looking character sheet, to keep track of all of your friends characters...lets start!

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Step 1: Step One, Selecting Your Range

I selected range A1:K1, but you can select any range you need, this is just for an example!

You select your range, and then you merge the cells together to make one big cell...

And then you can center your text like I did!

Step 2: Step Two, Adding the Title to Your Character Sheet

All I did was type into the merged cell, the name Character Sheet (CHARACTER SHEET)

This was the easiest step needed for this tutorial...

Step 3: Step Three, Editing Important Details and Statistics

All I did to my title was choose a black background, with white text in bold and then resized, this was an easy chore, but worth it in the end.

Now that is settled lets go onto the needs of this part...

You first need a place where people are going to put their names, so make a long cell for the names of your friends characters and your's!

Then you work on the cell that holds their Level, everybody starts at level one!

Afterwards you work on the Maximum Experience (Max EXP) This is going to hold your characters goal experience, it is wise to print out one of these character sheets for each player, so that they can reuse the other cells for every level the obtain during quests!

So now after you work on the Maximum Experience, you will need stats!

Mine are:

STRENGTH- Strength determines the power of your characters attack!

DEXTERITY- Dexterity determines your characters reflexes and blocking ability!

CONSTITUTION- Constitution is your characters will to live, therefore this affects his/her health!

CHARISMA- This determines the power of your character magic casting ability!

INTELLIGENCE- This determines the mental power of your character, it can be used for missions that include lock picking, the higher the intelligence, the smoother the quest goes.

STEALTH- Stealth is important and it determines the sneaking ability of your character, the higher it can be, the better your character is a picking pockets, and sneaking past guards!

After that is declared, you can go onto currency, which I used

Gold- The highest value metal used as currency, according to my game...

Silver- The least value metal used as currency, according to my game...

Once that is all approved, you can work on the next step...

Step 4: Step Four,

In this part, i made a character, in which I used a level 120

with 999999999 more experience till the next level

with 600 maximum stat points (SP)

and a bunch of gold and silver...

But this was just an example!

Step 5: The Conclusion...

This is the last step that you will take, keep record of your previous levels, and stats, you might never know when you are going to need them!

Have a good time making your Role-Playing game, and 

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