How to Create a Rap #FerociousDoughnuts

Introduction: How to Create a Rap #FerociousDoughnuts

Hey dudes. My name shall be anonymous because I want it to be. Besides that, I am here to show you simply how to create a rap. There are many great songs, or in this case, raps in this world. The artists who perform these raps are considered geniuses because of what they do, well most of them. (Sorry Young Thug) It is so easy for someone to say that they can rap , but if you really look into this subject and do research, there is a whole process to it. I have my own personal raps that I have written myself. It's an art that is so beautiful because it gives the artists an opportunity to express their true feelings in a symphony with UMPH!

The materials you will need for this activity include:

1. Your brain

2. Pencil/Pen

3. Paper

4. Access to Youtube (computer, phone, etc.)

I consider this last material most important because it's what all song-writers need and that is patience.

Step 1: Finding Inspiration

This step is simply about what your song is going to be about. Obviously, in order to write a song you have to know what you are writing about. Inspiration can be found ANYWHERE. For example, in my last rap I created, it took me literally 30 seconds to think about something to write about. What I wrote about was a small school group I was in. Now I don't if that is just a gift for me, but for the most part, this should be easy for anyone. To find inspiration, you could just start writing thoughts that come to mind on a piece of paper and see which one is best to write about.

Step 2: Finding a Beat

This step is not that hard as well. Unlike the first step where you had to make stuff up in your head, you can easily get a beat off of the internet. Some people like to create their own beats themselves and that is even better. For me, I like to do remixes to popular rap songs. How I do this is by going to Youtube and searching whatever song and then type instrumental after it and then rap to it. All of the songs that I have written are remixes from pretty popular songs. Since we are writing a rap, it would be best to search hip-hop/rap songs. Examples of hip-hop/rap songs include: Trap Queen by Fetty Wap or another one like Lifestyle by Rich Gang. Like I said, if you can make your own beat, that's great but if not, then this should be the next best thing to do for your rap.

Step 3: Writing It Down

This step is related to step 1. The inspiration that you found is now going to be put down on our paper. There are different ways to write rap songs. Most of the rap songs in this nation are famous because of the best type of poetry ever, RHYME!!! A lot of artists are famous because of their rhyming abilities and it makes the rap sound better. True, it is about you and your own style, but the high paying rap songs are mostly ALL rhyme. I use rhyme in my rap songs as well. An example of rhyme would be: "Running through the 6 with my woes, counting money you know how it goes" (Know Yourself by Drake). Now there is an exception to rhyming, which is near rhyme. Near rhyme is saying one word, but then saying a word that doesn't exactly rhyme with it, but has the same sound. An example would be: "I was tryna get it how I live, I want them dead presidents" (I Don't Get Tired by Kevin Gates). This type of rhyming is exceptional and quite common as well so if you ever come to a situation where you have to use near rhyme, it is perfectly normal.

Step 4: The "Combination"

This step isn't a lot but is most important. Now that we have our rap written down and our music ready, it's time to combine them both together. What I recommend is first play your beat just to get comfortable with it. Then, replay the beat and start saying your rap along with the beat making both your lyrics and the beat flow in the same paste. This is where PATIENCE comes in. Rappers and artists in general do not make a whole song in 1 day. It takes time to make everything that you've created come together. In order to be a good artist, in the music industry, one of the most important principles you must have is patience because that's the key to your song, or rap, being complete.

Step 5: Share What You've Done!

After all of these steps, you have finally finished your perfect rap! Now that you've got this wonderful, self-made piece all done, if you are super proud of it, why not share it! Tell your family and friends what you've created. If you really want to get noticed for your rap, put it on the best site you could ever publish it on, YOUTUBE!!!!! Who knows, you might even get a famous person to discover you and get a contract! When you get famous and make a lot of money, I'll be expecting my share though. HAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

(I'm not kidding.)

One love! Peace! :)

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    Great info! Though what's the deal with #FerociousDoughnuts that I've seen more over the last few days?


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    It's for a class project we have to do