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I created this tutorial in support of a book I wrote on real estate postcard marketing. But then I thought anyone interested in marketing or graphic design would enjoy it, because you don't see many step-by-step marketing concepts "unfold" on the Internet ... until now.

Step 1: The Four Corners

I want something visual and attention-getting to represent the agent's recent sales (not just a bunch of numbers). So I start with some house graphics...

Step 2: Street Address

Next, I'll add some street addresses to each house to make them more legitimate and relevant to the audience (homeowners in the same area).

Step 3: Blue Background

The next step is purely cosmetic. My real estate postcard's design is too "naked" ... so I add a soft blue background.

Step 4: The Statistics

This step is pure marketing. I want to showcase the agent's ability to sell homes quickly, so I add stats under each image.

Step 5: Testimonial Box

The sales numbers will appeal to analytic people. To reach the emotional folks, I start adding testimonials from the happy clients.

Step 6: More Testimonial

Testimonials add legitimacy to the postcard. After all, these clients live in the same area as the postcard recipients. So let's add another quote!

Step 7: The Simple Headline

Next I add a one-word headline that identifies the audience and explains — in a word — what this postcard is about.

Step 8: Added Color for More "Pop"

After looking at the design for a while, I realize it's too blue. So I color the house graphics to make the postcard design pop a little more.

Step 9: Conclusion

Fundamentals of Real Estate Postcard Design

What have we learned here? First, we learned that the design is secondary. The idea and message behind the design should come first. The message should be relevant to the reader, and it should convey value.

In this case, our message was relevant to recipients because they live in the same area as the recent sales we've showcased. The postcard conveys value to potential sellers because it shows — factually — that this agent can give them what they want.

This tutorial is brought to you by the Real Estate Postcard Marketing, An Insider's Guide to Postcard Success. If you'd like more postcard design tips, you'll find them in this book!

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    3 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    awesome idea. is there a strategic reason why you pick blue? testimonials are huge plus. and also a picture of the Realtor would be a good idea for branding.

    Allan Jardin


    12 years ago

    The bottom of the card is where you would put the company's name and contact info? or did you do a double sided card and have the contact info on the other side? Nice instructable, but the whole house repeating thing kind of throws me off. If you flipped the two houses on the right (along with the addresses), it would make the card seem more symetrical and appealing (it would draw you in more) and it would look like the houses were pointing to the middle.