How to Create a Set for Stop Motion Filming

Introduction: How to Create a Set for Stop Motion Filming

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The following instructable will tell you how to set up some basic sets for filming stop motion animation.

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Step 1: 1: Very Basic Sets

Items you will need
  • Large piece of sheet paper
  • Black Marker
  • Sheet Metal
  • Tape
  • Large object to use as background.
You should start by marking the areas where the camera will go.
You may also add a line, or dotted line where the characters/items you are filming will be.
The line isn't a necessity, however it does make it easier to show where you will be filming.

Step 2: 2: Very Basic Sets

Slide the sheet metal underneath the paper you are using as the ground for your set.
This will be so that characters with magnets in their feet can stand up on it.

Step 3: 3: Very Basic Sets

Tape what you are using as a background to the wall or whatever you have behind your set.
Tape behind the corners
And tape the sides, so that it will stick to the wall.

Step 4: 4: More Advanced Sets

Next, I will show you how to make a grassy set.
It will require:
  • Green construction paper, for a base
  • Sheet metal
  • Grass prop
You may also want a background that would be blue, or another color that fits with the green ground.

Step 5: 5: More Advanced Sets

Place the grass props wherever you wand them to go on the green base piece.
You will want to keep some blank so that the characters can stand on the set.

Step 6: 6: More Advanced Sets

Like with the other set,
Simply slide the sheet metal under the base, so that characters can stand up on it.
If the sheet metal isn't as big as the base, then you should try to put it under the parts where the characters will stand (i.e. where there is no grass)

Step 7: 7: Final Product

You can now make sets for your own animation.
You could also tape the grass down to the base, but that would require a tape the same color as the base and the prop (grass)

Step 8: 8: Bonus

Also Camouflage

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