How to Create a Stop Motion Music Video




Introduction: How to Create a Stop Motion Music Video

This is my instructable on how to create an amazing stop motion music video. I used the software Stop Motion Pro & Adobe Premiere. If you follow these simple instructions you should be able to create a good stop motion music video.

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Step 1: Pick a Song

Before you can decide what to do for your stop motion music video, you need a song. A shorter song would be easiest. The song I used was over 3 minutes which made it quite difficult. A faster, more upbeat song will be easiest. is a good resource for finding a song. They use a music concierge system to find songs based on your mood/current activities/enviroment. Picking a song can be a long process and your song choice might change a few times throughout your planning based on your ideas.

Step 2: Brainstorm

Once you have your song picked out, it's time to brainstorm and plan out what you want to do. Plan out what you want to want to be doing and what you want going on in the background as well. Most people plan out based on the lyrics and what the song is talking about during that time.

Step 3: Editing Clips

Basically you need a ton of pictures to make this follow smoothly. I took around 320 and I had less than a minute of video in the end. Thankfully you can slow down your clips in Premiere. After you export your project as a movie file out of Stop Motion Pro, then you can open it in Premiere to edit it. The first thing I did was slow down my clip because I thought that it was too fast. You can do this by right clicking on the clip and choosing 'Speed/Duration' then dragging the line to change the speed. You can also click the box that says "Reverse Speed" to reverse your clip which makes it play backwards. You can chop the clips(break them in half) by using the razor tool, if you press the "C" key on your keyboard it will put on your razor function. Pressing the "Z" key will activate the zoom feature. Once you have slowed down your clips you may want to clip it and move around different parts. Since mine was so short, I had to use some parts more than once and I reversed some clips to use them as well.

Step 4: Doctor Jones

My Stop Motion Music Video to Aqua's Doctor Jones. Preformed by Shannon Fitzpatrick, Paige Kleinsteuber & Dustin Driscoll.

Step 5: Examples

Here are some good examples of stop motion music videos. I found these on Youtube.

Taylor Swift-We Are Never Getting Back together (bubbles4adub)

3OH!3 - Double Vision (alona korakin)

KiD CuDi - All Along (thektjb)

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    cool have you guys ever done a stopmotion animation with objects instead of people?