How to Create a Halloween Pumpkin Centerpiece




Introduction: How to Create a Halloween Pumpkin Centerpiece

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This centerpiece is so easy to make and the results are so impressive! Plus, it will last for months!

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Step 1: Assemble Your Materials

You need:

  • A cinderella pumpkin
  • Succulents of various sizes and colors
  • Spagnum Moss (You can get this on Amazon or at a craft store)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray adhesive

This is a wonderful project for kids and adults and makes a stunning centerpiece that will last for MONTHS! It really is incredible!

Step 2: Add Moss

Cover the top of the pumpkin with moss. Use spray adhesive to secure the moss. Try not to get it on your fingers like I did! ;)

Step 3: Prep Your Succulents

Using succulents of different sizes, colors and shapes will give you the most visually attractive results. For larger succulents that have been planted remove any dirt and fully expose the root system. If you're using succulent cuttings you don't need any prep, they are 100% ready to go!

Step 4: Hot Glue Your Succulents

Before you start gluing like crazy pick a focal point plant that’s larger than the other succulents and place that prominently then you can fill in the cuttings around it.

It seems cruel but I promise it doesn't hurt the plant! In fact, they will root into the moss and continue to grow! Amazing right? Just glue the stem of the plant to the moss. Make sure the succulents are secure.

Step 5: Add Extra Bits

I added dried flowers to my centerpiece for added texture and color. You could also use seedpods or pinecones. This step is totally optional, but I think it makes for a nice touch!

Step 6: Care Instructions

Your centerpiece will last for months with the right care. Spray with a spray bottle twice a week and make sure succulent is getting some sun, either by a sunny window - or outside for a few hours a day.

When your pumpkin starts to go, you can cut off the top and plant the entire top!

Good luck making your succulent pumpkin! Send your photos to me on Facebook! or follow me on Instagram.

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