How to Create a Wedding Dress Hanger

Creating a wedding hanger with your new name on it, is relatively simple and does not take a long time.


Step 1: Start With These Items

Start with a rotary tool

a wooden hanger- I bought this one from ikea

a ruler

and laser cut acrylic name in the color of your choice

and a laser cut acrylic clear in color with name outline wielded to a straight line the width of the hanger

You can either laser cut your own or get someone to make them for you.

Step 2: Remove the Bar From the Wooden Hanger

Pull the bar from both sides of the hanger. I usually do this by hand but if it is too hard use a set of pliers.

Step 3: Use Your Rotary Tool

Use your rotary tool to create slits in the hanger where you removed the bar from. This will insure that your name will be straight on the hanger.

Step 4: Glue Colored Name on Top of Clear Acrylic.

Take your colored cut out of your name and glue it to the clear sheet of acrylic, after you have removed any paper or plastic sheets that prevent the acrylic from being scratched.

Step 5: Glue Finished Name Bar Onto the Hanger

Once you have the acrylic layered attach it to the hanger. And allow it to dry before using it to hang your wedding dress.



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    2 years ago

    Very nicely done! :)