How to Create a Yarn Wreath




Introduction: How to Create a Yarn Wreath

                                                                         How to Create a Yarn Wreath
How do you create a yarn wreath? We will show through step-by-step directions and easy to follow pictures.

A yarn wreath is a fun and creative way to decorate for the holidays or any other occasion. This is a wonderful craft that anyone can accomplish, no matter how creative you may or may not be. 

                                                                       Supplies needed:

                                             -Hot glue gun (with at least two hot glue sticks)
                                             -Styrofoam wreath form (any size) 
                                             -Yarn (one or more colors) (will take many yards, specific lengths
                                              depend on wreath size)
                                             -Fabric (ribbon can also be used) (around 2 ft. by 1-2 inches)
                                             -Ribbon (length depends on the size of bow you wish to create) or Bow
                                             -1 piece of paper (any kind)
                                             -Pictures and pins (optional)
                                             -Several beads (optional)

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Step 1: Heat Glue Gun

Plug in your hot glue gun! Keep in mind that the hot glue gun will take a few minutes to heat the glue up! Different glue guns heat at different speeds, so be patient and cautious.

Step 2: Wrap Yarn

Once your glue gun is heated, begin to wrap the yarn around the entire wreath!

You may use as many colors of yarn as you would like, and you may put the yarn into the pattern of your choice (ex. striped, solid, diamond, etc.)! Glue down the end of your yarn. Periodically glue the yarn to the wreath by putting small dots of hot glue on the styrofoam form as you think it is needed to keep the yarn in place (every 5-10 wraps)! Keep in mind that the hot glue will melt the styrofoam slightly. Because of this, you should only use a small amount of glue and should only glue the yarn down on the inside or back of the form, where it will be less visible.

-You should scrunch the yarn closer together on the inside of the wreath than the outside, because it is a smaller circle.
-Also, instead of trying to loop all of your yarn around the wreath form, you should cut it into around 3 ft. long strips, making it easier to wrap. When you reach the end of a strip, glue it down (along with gluing the beginning of the strip down and periodic gluing as you wrap).

Step 3: Add a Bow

 Once you are done wrapping the yarn, add a bow to your wreath!

You may choose the design and type of ribbon to make it go with your theme! Tie your ribbon in a bow, as you would tie shoe laces. Secure your ribbon or bow with hot glue to hold it on.

Step 4: Create and Place Flowers

Create and place a fabric flower onto your wreath!

To create the flower, you may use fabric (cut into 1-2 inch thick strips) or ribbon. The length of your ribbon/fabric strip depends on how large you want your flower, but remember, it is better to have a strip too long than to have one too short. You can always cut the end off. First, tie a knot at one end of your strip. Cut off any excess ribbon/fabric left sticking out of the knot (leave the long end). Fold a piece of paper in half. Glue the knot, with fabric/ribbon coming out, onto the center of your paper, still folded in half. Now, as you twist the strip coming out of the knot, wrap it around the knot, securing it to the paper with hot glue periodically. When your flower is as large as you want it, glue the strip down and cut off the excess ribbon/fabric. Unfold your paper and cut around the flower, leaving paper behind the flower but not visible from the front. You may make multiple flowers and cluster them together or simply leave it at one. Glue your flower(s) onto your wreath wherever you wish. 

Step 5: More Decorations

Add any other decorations you might want to decorate your wreath with!

Make sure all of your decorations fit in well with the colors of the yarn and any other decorations you have. A few ideas for extra decoration are using your wreath like a cork-board (use push pins to add pictures) and adding beads (glue them on where you wish).

Although this step is optional, it will make your wreath look more decorative and complete!

Make your wreath your own. Take these ideas and run! Enjoy your yarn wreath very much, and use it often.

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    I love your instructable! I'm making a yarn wreath for the holidays! This is so cool.


    8 years ago on Step 4

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