How to Create a EBay Auction With a Mobile App

Introduction: How to Create a EBay Auction With a Mobile App

Have some things you need to sell for a quick buck? Well now eBay has made life much easier for sellers who cringe at the thought of setting up auctions to sell all of their little odds and ends! Well I mean it wasn't really rocket science before but... now its a little more convenient for those who own mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet computer!

What you need:

  • Tablet computer/smartphone (with a built-in camera)
  • eBay account
  • Internet connection
  • Stuff to sell

It doesn't take much time to get things set up and you could in reality have your auction completed and listed in minutes if you're prepared and know your way around the app!

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Step 1: Download and Install the EBay Mobile App

(I'm going to assume that everyone reading this how-to already has a eBay account all set up and running.

If not, then log onto and follow the steps to get started.

After that's all done, come on back over here and continue where you left off.)

Let's get started!

First things first, you need to connect your device to the internet and download the eBay mobile app.

I have already downloaded and installed the "eBay for iPad" app since I am going to use my iPad for this tutorial. If you're not using an iPad don't worry! Just download the eBay mobile version that's available for your device. The picture above is a screen shot from my iPad showing the app download screen in Apple's Appstore.

Step 2: Set Up the Application.

Once the eBay mobile app has finished downloading you need to launch the app and sign into your eBay account with your eBay username and password that was created in the process. (This tutorial does not cover the eBay account setup process).

After you sign in you will see a "home screen" like the one pictured above.

Step 3: Preparing to Sell

With eBay's mobile app you can search auctions, buy and/or bid, manage your account, send/read messages and so on, but we're here to learn how to use the app to sell your stuff, FAST AND EASY.

Once you are all set up and signed into your eBay account the next thing you need to do is create the listing for the item(s) that you want to sell -just like you would on eBay's website.

In the photos, I circled the buttons you need to click (or touch I should say) to get to the "selling" screen.

  • Head on over to the "selling" section from the 'home screen" to get started.
  • Next, select the blue button entitled "sell an item". NOTE: screens and/or app layout may be different for other devices though it should be similar and easy to figure out.

Step 4: Creating a Listing (auction)

Finally, we're ready to set up the listing to publish on eBay.

The next process is to fill out all of the information about what it is you're going to sell on eBay. Again, I'm not exactly sure what this app looks like on other mobile devices but on the iPad you start with a window that asks you to describe what you are selling.

At this stage you can simply type out what you are selling and It will automatically generate a list of items matching that description (Pictured), you then can choose the one that best fits your item.

Once you choose the item that matches yours, a new screen is shown that asks you if you want eBay to prefill some of the information for you (Pictured). The choice is yours though i'm not really sure why anyone wouldn't opt for this time-saving feature.

Your other option is to scan a UPC (if one is available) and have eBay's database fill out details for you automatically. This option is very handy for saving time by not having to fill out all of the information about the product or go though any extra steps!

To scan a UPC simply select the icon to the far right of the text bar (I circled it in red in the pic) and then use the the camera to capture the UPC. (A UPC is usually located on the products packaging and is often referred to as a "bar code")

Step 5: Finishing Touches.

After you have declared what it is you're selling, the next screen you see is the "listing categories".

To the left are the categories listed for you to go through one-by-one and fill out to the best of your knowledge. After each category is finished, a little blue checkmark to the right of the category description (again, not sure if the eBay app shows this on all devices) will appear telling you that category has been filled out.

Be sure to mention as much as much as you know and you might even want to do some research first before-hand. Also, be sure to use that handy built-in camera to take some nice shots and upload them all within the app! (available under "Photos")

You're going to fill out:

  • Categories to list the item under
  • Condition
  • Item Specifics
  • Photos
  • Description (Best if in your own words)
  • Auction format and Price
  • Shipping details
  • Payment Preferences

If you chose to have eBay "prefill" your listing then you might want to delete some of it and write out things like item description in your own words.

The "prefill" feature will even load a nice stock photo for you to use, though I would still provide plenty of your own. Buyers LOVE pictures!

Step 6: Finally, Preview and Publish!

You're pretty much done!

The last step is for you to preview the listing and to double-check and make sure you have everything the way you want it.

If everything is to you're liking, then go ahead and hit that blue "Publish" button to the bottom-right just below the picture.


Remember, have fun with the app and use it to your benefit. The selling features of the app were made to help create a faster, pain-free way to sell on eBay.

The more you use the app, the faster you will get!

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