How to Create and Use Pinterest

Introduction: How to Create and Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a "catalog of ideas" used to inspire and encourage users to "go do that thing."

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Step 1: Enter Email or Facebook Information

Users can either sign up through email or through Facebook. Signing up through Facebook allows users to connect with their friends to see what they are pinning and who they are following.

Step 2: Complete Your Personal Profile Information

Follow the prompted instructions.

Step 3: Select What Interests You

A list of random themes and topics will pop up. Select at least 5 of what you would like to appear in your home feed to get the ball rolling. You can always go back and add more interests, so don't stress out about this part too much.

Step 4: Try Uploading a Pin!

After your interests are selected, Pinterest will generate lots of pins and pinners for you follow. If you have an image that you might have taken or seen somewhere that you want to appear on your board, click on the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner to get started.

Step 5: Upload Image to Pin

A series of screens will pop-up. Upload the image from your computer, add a description and post it to one of your boards. In this case, I created a new board called "people" to add this image of Glen Frey to.

Step 6: View Profile to View Your Boards

By clicking on your name in the top right corner, your profile will appear, meaning all of your boards. This is where all your pins will be saved. And that's it! You've created a Pinterest account and uploaded a pin to your first board! Happy pinning!

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