How to Create IPhone Mockups for Your App

In this instructable, you'll learn how to create iPhone mockups to promote your app, without the need of Photoshop or any software.

First, visit

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Step 1: Use the Filter to Find a Mockup Template

On the left, you'll find a filter menu to select the categories you need. In this case, we selected still shots (mockups) and iPhone 6.

Step 2: Select a Mockup Template

Then, select the mockup template that you like the most.

Step 3: Upload Your Image or Grab From a URL

You can then upload a screenshot of your app (taken on your iPhone by pressing the Home and Power buttons at the same time) or you can use a URL to take a screenshot from a website's mobile version.

Step 4: Download Your Image

You can then download your image easily or add effects.

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