How to Create Your Own Super Smash Bros Brawl Level on the PC With Extra Features

Introduction: How to Create Your Own Super Smash Bros Brawl Level on the PC With Extra Features

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With stage studio you can create many more cool levels for Super Smash Bros Brawl.

1. You can add some of the beta blocks that Nintendo didn't put in the game.
2. You can place the spawning points of all the characters.
3. You can move some blocks off of the regular set data, and overlap objects as well.
4. You can put any custom image as the display one.
5.If you haven't unlocked all the songs in Brawl, you can choose any and every song from the game!

You MUST have a SD card and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

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Step 1: Step1:Go to Website

Start By going to:
This will take you to the page you need.

Step 2: Step2:Download It

Scroll Down to download and download it.

Step 3: Step3:Extracting Files

Then once downloaded, go to the place on your computer where you saved Stage studio and Right click it. Use what ever extraction program you use (I use Winrar) and extract it to Any where you want(i extracted it to desktop).

Step 4: Step4:Opening It.

Go to the Folder you extracted and open it. Double click Stage studio with the green icon.
 A screen like the pic below should open if you did it right.

Step 5: Step5: Making and Uploading

Remember for you to be able to actually PLAY the level you must have an SD card and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Ok so click New Stage choose your setting and start Building your level with the bricks. If you made a level on the actuall Brawl game you'll know how to make a level here. 
Spawn point are where your character will spawn when you play the level on Brawl.

When your done making your level click OK and A screen will open like the pic below.

Select the last stage and change the last two digits two whatever you want. (Example: my last stage is st_100619_0873 so i change 73 to whatever i want)
Then click save.

PS:if you dont know how to get to Stages, make sure your SD card is inserted and look for it in my computer. once you find it Double click Private>wii>app>RSBE>st. save it there.

Step 6: Step6: Inserting to Wii and Playing.

Ok now Take the SD card to your wii and insert it into the Sd card slot. Turn your wii on and put in the super smash bros brawl game disc. Start Brawl and go to Multiplayer or solo-Training.
Choose your character and a oppenent. Go to stage selcet screen and click Melee stages then click Custom stages. The last stage should be your stage. press it , wait for it to load then Play the level.

There Your done!

Step 7: Update-11/20/2010

I have forgotten to add that If you add to many bricks the stage will freeze.

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