How to Crochet a Magic's So Easy!

Introduction: How to Crochet a Magic's So Easy!

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Have you ever seen instructions on a pattern to crochet a Magic Loop…but didn’t know how, or thought you must perform magic to make something so complicated? Well, it is so easy, you’ll be doing it in your sleep once you follow this quick tutorial!

Step 1: Hold Yarn in Your Left Hand and Stick Out Index Finger, & Wrap Yarn Over Top of Finger

Step 2: Continue to Wrap, Going Under Finger, and Back Over the Top

Step 3: You Will Create an “X” on the Top of Finger

Step 4: Hold Other End of Yarn Under Your Other Fingers As Shown

Step 5: Insert Crochet Hook Under Right Loop

Step 6: Hook Yarn Held by Fingers

Step 7: Pull Hooked Yarn Back Under, and Through Loop

Step 8: Slip Entire Loop Off of Finger and Slightly Open Loop

Step 9: Yay, You've Just Made Your First Magic Loop!

You are now ready to chain and work your project! Remember to work with your working yarn and not the short tail! Have fun & I would love for you to share in comments how this tutorial helped you and what project you used it on.

Happy Crocheting!

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    usually my working yarn end is on the right. Could you label the working yarn in the photos? Thanks!


    3 years ago

    This worked first time for me. I am not a beginner, and have knitted, crocheted, tatted and allsorts for over 50 years, but tried another method dozens of times, and got a spare loop of skein yarn in the middle every time. Your method looks almost too simple to work without some hidden magic technique, but it seems easy enough for even an old fool like me. Thanks so much.


    3 years ago

    thank you for these very clear, easy to follow instructions!