How to Crochet a Six Petal Flower (size: Medium)

Introduction: How to Crochet a Six Petal Flower (size: Medium)

Hi guys! Thank you so much for stopping by =)

My name is Edgar(a.k.a. Garo) and i love to share with you free crochet patterns (which hopefully they can be very helpful to you =D) In today's video tutorial, i'm gonna show you how you can easily crochet a Six Petal Flower.

This flower is really easy to make and in a few steps you're gonna have a beautiful applique to use in your projects. I hope that you feel as excited as me and let's begin! By the way, don't forget to have a nice day!! =D

You can fin the bigger version of this flowerhere=)

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* Yarn or Thread(your favorite, you can use two or one color, in the picture i'm using Pink and Yellow)

* Crochet Hook(recommended for your yarn or thread)

* Tapestry needle (pointless) (to finish off)

* Cup of coffe or tea and cookies(this is optional but it can be very relaxing while you're crocheting the flower ^_^)

Step 1: Center of the Flower

To crochet the center of our flower, we need to start with a Magic Ring or also known as Adjustable Ring.

Once that we have it, we're gonna work 12 SC(single crochet) on it.

Step 2: Petals

In the second row we're gonna work the beautiful petals of the flower, and for this we need to start working 7 chains.

Now we need to crochet the next stitches in the same order:

- Single Crochet (sc) [in the second chain from hook]

- Half Double Crochet

- 3 Double Crochet (one in each of the next 3 chains)

- Half Double Crochet

- Slip stitch (skip one stitch of the first row, and in the next one work the stitch)

Step 3: Finish Off

Now, close your Magic Ring, finish off and this is all, now you have a beautiful Six Petal Flower like the one in the picture above =)

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