How to Crochet the Alpine Stitch

Introduction: How to Crochet the Alpine Stitch

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I just love the texture of this stitch, it’s so rich and elegant and I think that works very well for cardigans, sweaters, baby blankets, fall jackets, cushion covers, or just for a border on your next project.

For this stitch I recommend a DK yarn and a 4-4,5 mm hook.


ch= chain;

sc= single crochet;

dc= double crochet;

fpdc= front post double crochet.

Pattern Instructions:

Make an even number of chains.

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Step 1: Row 1:

Chain 2, 1 dc in 3rd chain of the hook, continue with dc until the end of the row.

Step 2: Row 2:

Chain 1, sc in each stitch.

Step 3: Row 3:

Chain 2, 1 fpdc in first dc of the row 1; 1dc, *1fpdc, 1dc*; repeat *-*;

Step 4: Row 4:

Chain 1, sc in each stitch of previous row.

Step 5: Row 5:

Chain 2; *1dc, 1 fpdc*; repeat *-*;

Make sure that where you have a double crochet on the previous row to make a front post double crochet and where you have a front post double crochet you will make a double crochet.

Repeat the pattern from row 2.

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Step 6: Video Tutorial:

This is the video tutorial, just hit “play” to see how this stitch it’s done.

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    Question 10 months ago on Step 6

    I have just made a sample. can I download the pattern.