How to Curl Hair With a Wand




Introduction: How to Curl Hair With a Wand

These wand curling irons are all the rage these days. Personally, I like the look that is achieved a lot more than the look you get with a traditional curling iron. The curls are more wavy and beachy looking than the traditional barrel curls that you get with a curling iron with a clip. Make sure that you watch your fingers though and don't burn yourself!

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Step 1: Start With Three Standard Sections.

Divide the hair into three standard segments. Gather the hair from the temples to the crown of the head and tie up in a bun, fastening with a clip. Next clip the section of hair that runs from the top of the ears going back. Leave the section from the nape of the neck down. Curl this section first as it is mostly hidden by the hair that will fall on top. To curl, point the iron down and carefully wrap the hair around in a spiral motion. Make sure sections are small enough and hold for at least 15 seconds or until hair is curled.

Step 2: Curl the Next Section.

Take down the middle section. Start on one side and curl the hair in small sections, spiraling away from the face and working your way backward. After you've curled the section in the middle back, start on the other side. Make sure on the opposite side the you are spiraling in the opposite direction but still away from the face. Work your way backwards on this side as well.

Step 3: Curl the Top of the Head.

Take down the last section and part where you would like the hair to fall. Again begin taking small sections from one side and spiraling curls away from the face. Work your way toward the back of the head. After curling one side, curl the other side starting at the front and working your way back.

Feel free to go over and touch up any spots that need a little more curl as this section is the most important and sits on top. Make sure the curls around the perimeter of your face are curled enough too.

Step 4: Style and Finish.

Comb out curls with fingers only. Style as desired and finish with some hairspray to hold!

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    look beautiful with curly hair...nice