How to Curl Your Hair

Introduction: How to Curl Your Hair

Ever have a bad hair day? Here's a easy way to make you hair better

Step 1: Things You Will Need

.heat spray

Step 2: Spray Your Hair

Brush out all you hair so it's smooth. Then to make sure that your hair doesn't get burned you are going to want to spray all of you hair. Then you are going to brush it out so that way all the spray goes through your hair.

Step 3: Get Hot

You are going to pin up some of your hair that way u can only curl the bottom first. Then start small piece by small piece. Until your all done with the bottom. Then take half of the top and put it down. But the other half back up. Then repeat until it's all done

Step 4: Then You Are Y'all Done

Now you are going to style it the way you want

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    5 years ago

    very wel done..looks nice