How to Curve a Soccer Ball Like Beckham

Hello beginner soccer players! Have you ever thought to yourself,"why can't I kick like that!" or "I'll never be able to curve a ball like that!". Well, in this tutorial I will show you how to curve a soccer ball like the pros and as a beginner myself you will find my way the easiest!

Step 1: Type of Shoes and Ball

Shoes in soccer are not really that important because it's the player that's kicking the ball. For maximum comfort, agility and grip I would recommend the original Nike Hypervenoms. Balls are a little different because the size, weight and stitching differ. The older FIFA balls are better for low-to-the-ground curving and are much heavier. The newer balls are a little lighter and they, in my opinion, are the best for curving. The ball I use is the Context 15 Glider.

Step 2: Run Up and Where to Hit

At a 45 degree angle take 8-10 steps behind the ball and then jog up and place your weak foot facing the target, parallel to the ball. Then, swing your strong foot down and, shoulders facing your opponent, hit the ball.
Hit the ball on the bottom right corner with the hardest part of your foot ( just behind your big toe ).

Step 3: Follow Through and Technique

Swing your whole body at the ball and follow the ball with your foot until you can't anymore. It may help to do a little hop too. While kicking, before the follow through try and lean back and look where you want to hit, this will give you maximum height and accuracy.



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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Great tutorial! I have the grey and orange Nike Hypervenoms, They are a bit newer than the ones you have, But still almost a year old. In my opinion, Since I had both for quite a long time, The newer ones are a bit better, Because they don't bend between the instep and ball of my feet, Which helps me kick the ball with more prescision...

    Still, The technique is still more important :)

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for the comment, BTW this is my first tutorial on instructables.
    (Technique is the most important!);•)