How to Custom Paint Your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

First, You need these items to paint. Once you have these items,you can paint your Xbox controller however you want!
1: You will need Krylon Fusion spray paint (any color you want)  including Krylon Clear Gloss.
2: Painter's tape (optional)
3: A Torx T8 security driver.
1: First, you need to take apart your xbox controller using your Torx screw driver.

2: Paint your controller. Apply about 5 layers of paint and wait about 15 min. between each paint.Then if you want to make designs, use your painters tape like i did in the picture above.

3: Then, after about a day apply your Krylon Clear Gloss. Use about 3 layers. Wait 15 min. between each layer you apply.

4: Your done! Have fun with your new custom painted Xbox Controller!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey! I was wondering if you could give me a link to where you bought your paint and clear gloss. I am new to the spray paint and gloss so I dont want to buy the wrong thing. Thanks!