How to Cut Bottles With a Wet Saw




Introduction: How to Cut Bottles With a Wet Saw

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Step 1: Prep Your Supplies

One of the big advantages of using a wet saw is that you can quickly cut glass bottles of all shapes and sizes. With the tabletop bottle cutting systems you can only cut circular bottles and it's challenging to do larger bottles.

You'll need:

  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Wet Saw (I have the Chigaco Electric Tile Saw)
  • Diamond Blade (I recommend 10" Husqvarna Blade)
  • Face Mask

Step 2: Cut Your Bottle

Determine where you want to cut your bottle and set your guard accordingly.

Turn on your saw. There should always be a continuous stream of water on the bottle. If this stops for any reason immediately turn your saw off and examine the water pump.

Slowly push your bottle through the saw blade. Go slowly. Your bottle is most likely to break or chip at the very end when there's not much glass to cut. Take extra care at this step to hold the bottle firmly.

Step 3: Options for Finishing the Edge

Once your bottle is cut you can finish the edge a couple different ways. If I'm using the cut bottle as a candle I'm usually not that meticulous about the sanding job (in my opinion, the least fun part).

Method 1:

Use emery cloth sand paper and sand first the outside rim at a 45 degree angle and then the inside rim.

Method 2:

I don't have access to professional glass grinders so I made my own using a disk sander and a cinder block. It actually worked pretty effectively! You'll need to hand sand the inside edge yourself.

Method 3:

Get a sheet of glass and grinding powder. Sprinkle a little of the gritty powder on the glass and add a small amount of water. Put glass rim down and move in circular pattern. This grinds down the top evenly. I'd then recommend going in with emery cloth to bevel the edges.

Step 4: Using Your Cut Bottles

Cut bottles are fun for all sorts of projects. I like making mine into candles, drinking tumblers, and little succulent planters. They make amazing gifts and they're so inexpensive!


Good luck with your bottle project! Send your photos to me on Facebook! or follow me on Instagram.

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