How to Cut Cheese Properly




Introduction: How to Cut Cheese Properly

Your life will never be complete until you master this. – Trust me I'm French.

Step 1: The Pie Style Cut

Step 2: Even My Cheese Is Hipster

Step 3: The Woodcutter's Style

Step 4: Harder Better Smelling Stronger

Step 5: Holy Moldy

– My favorite!



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    8 Discussions

    Nice Instructable but you miss the whole cheese, like gruyère ;).

    3 replies

    You mean the "hole" cheese? I should totally make a slide for this one haha!

    Yeah, hole cheese.

    So you buy it in slices, like a pie slice, but thinner, and then you cut from the tip to the back.

    Usually people use the end for cooking.

    That's our local hole cheese holeless :D


    Hmm! Waow just seeing the Comte on the picture makes me hungry, haha. Funny how a moldy smelly thing can make one salivate - isn't it?
    Considering the shape and texture, it falls into the "Harder better smelling stronger" category ;)


    1 year ago

    This is a great instructable. For years, I thought I was pretty good at cutting the cheese, but now I see I have room for improvement. After reading this, I can't wait to cut the cheese with my friends and family.

    1 reply

    So lovely to read! Teaching people how to cut cheese is much funnier that it might sound ;D Have fun!