How to Cut Fiber Optic Lights "I Made It at the TechShop"


Introduction: How to Cut Fiber Optic Lights "I Made It at the TechShop"

When working with Fiber Optic lights you will have to cut the fibers according to your liking.
What you should have before we start is

1. Pocket Cutter
2. Fiber Optic Lights
3. 400 Grit Sanding Film

Step 1: Insert Ends of Fiber Optics Lights Into Holes of Pocket Cutter

Step 2: Cut and Release

Step 3: Sand Down Tip for Optimal Light

San the tip on 400 grit starter, use a pink film to polish it off. 
Do this about 20 times. If light doesn't isn't optimal try again.

Step 4: Light Up!

You should be able to see Fiber Optic lights at the tip of each end. If this doesn't happen repeat steps.



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    I'm currently working on a project- the plan was to have fibreoptics running all around the sides...and to cut/ scrape the sides slightly so light would bleed out all the way along. Doesn't seem to work- surprisingly difficult to cut little nicks into fibreoptic without it snapping when you try to bend it. Tried sanding all away along the fibres as well- just doesn't work. Anybody know a way to do what i'm trying to accomplish?

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    Jake, did you ever determine a good way to create a little more light leakage out the side of your fibres? I'm about to try a similar project, and am hoping not to reinvent the wheel. :-)


    thanks for what you said on fine grit sandpaper.....which seems to have disappeared now...i did try that TBH and i never had much look, not enough light coming out for me anyway....:-(

    Well, I did an experiment. For the kind of fibreoptics I have, a fine grit sandpaper is very effective and roughing up the fibre and causing light leakage out the sides.

    Where do you get your fiber optic cable?

    Where do you get your fiber optic cable?

    If these are plastic fibres, then go nuts! Also, you can polish/round the end using a flame (carefully) to improve light transmission.

    If these are glass fibres, be very careful to account for every single little piece you cut off as they are horrid things that can end up in your skin/eyes. And that's not fun.