How to Cut Fringe the Way Authentic Pinata Makers Do



Introduction: How to Cut Fringe the Way Authentic Pinata Makers Do

You can find our In Depth Explanation and Teachings from our Authentic Pinateros Techniques Below

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Step 1: ​Tools

Tissue Paper


Knife ( Knives are good for cutting tissue paper faster and straighter !)

Step 2: Make Folds to Cut Along

Fold tissue paper so you can cut it into strips

- Size of tissue paper we use is 20in x 30in we like to cut it into 4 equal parts however the tissue you get in stores will be different sizes.

- Simply fold the tissue paper into equal long rectangles so there is no excess

-Thickness or length of strips all depends on what your working on

-Use what works best for you

-Generally thin strips make it harder to cut fringe so we suggest cutting the strips at least 2-3inches wide

- If you need thin strips of fringe then cut the strip thinner after you already cut the fringe on the strips

Step 3: Cut Equally

Cut Tissue paper where you make your folds

- You can use a knife or scissors - Scissors work a lot slower and are less accurate. They are also unable to cut through as much tissue paper as a sharp knife.

- We Highly recommend using a long sharp knife to cut. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your strips perfectly straight with ease

- Use Caution when using a knife!

Step 4: Fringe

Cut fringe

-Start from the left end of the strip and begin cutting towards the right (If your left handed and this is difficult try it opposite that what we suggested)

-The space in between each cut is all up to you, feel free to experiment with what you like best

Step 5: Complete

Take sheets apart individually and apply to any project.

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