How to Cut Multiple Acrylic Sheets Simultaneously and Safely

Introduction: How to Cut Multiple Acrylic Sheets Simultaneously and Safely

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Whats this about ?

  • I needed to cut multiple acrylic sheets and these were really hard but thin like. I dnt know if its the type or quality but these were fragile.
  • Second issue was that it was having a round edge so cutting it was really difficult by sliding it against my table saw fence.

Tools required

  1. Table saw ( I converted a circular saw to table saw you can check that in my profile )
  2. Scotch tape
  3. A straight piece of acrylic or wood or even a ruler will do the job

Choose the video or follow this guide both will help you the same so its your choice

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Step 1: Preparing the Acrylic Pieces

  • I taped the multiple pieces together at the highlighted spots to make sure that the pieces don't wobble/vibrate during the cut at it might shatter/crack or make the cut un-smooth.
  • Now to tackle the round edge i taped a piece of acrylic that i cut for my CNC build as shown in the picture 2 and 3 above.

Step 2: Adjusting Your Table Saw

  • Adjusted the fence to cut the taped pieces in 2 halves ( that was my requirement do as u want them to )
  • Adjust the saw height to 2-3 mm above the total height of all the pieces.
  • And cut slow and steady ( look at the video linked to get the results )

Why i thought it was worth sharing ?

  1. That round edge trick i think is really nice.
  2. I have been taping together acrylic pieces to get same/symmetrical cut on multiple pieces for my whole CNC build and it helps a lot.

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