How to Cut Your Own Hair With Clippers




Introduction: How to Cut Your Own Hair With Clippers

These instructions will guide you on how to use clippers to cut your hair. Cutting your own hair is a good craft to know how to do because not everyone knows how to cut every type of hair whether it’s long coarse hair or short kinky hair.This task is really simple as long as you are not blind. This task can be done in 10-15 minutes. A good haircut can be the difference to getting that job you want or that date you want, follow these simple instructions to go from looking like a mountain man to GQ ready.

WARNING you might get minor cuts on your head, but nothing more then what you would get at the barber shop from the lining.

Tools Required  


small brush


hair scissors


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Step 1: 1. Comb Hair

Comb your hair going with the grade of your hair. On the top of your head it should be straight forward on the sides and back it should be straight down. The easy way to notice this is if you rub your hair. It’s a rough feeling if you are going against the grade. It’s smooth if you are going with the grade. This is the feel you want to comb it, smooth. You comb it to lift the hair so that when you cut it you are getting the most evenly cut you can. After I have comb my hair, I like to think of my hair as being light and fluffy. I t has a nice soft texture to it. Think of it like whipped cream soft, fluffy, and lite.

Step 2: 2. Cutting the Hair

If you want to use a guard put it on now. The guard allows you to leave on a certain length of hair on your head. In the photos I used a 1/8 guard which means 1/8 inch of hair will be left on my head after my haircut. Turn on the clippers before you put them too your hair. In some cases the clippers and trimmers look the same except by size. The clippers are always the bigger of the two. The trimmers are always going to be the smallest of the two. When you cut your hair pushdown the clippers to your head and cut your hair going against the grade of your hair. When doing this you should feel slight pressure from the clippers pushing up against your head. This allows you to get the most hair off your head. Do this over your whole head. Comb each side of your head before you cut it to ensure the best/ cleanest cut. Also after you cut a side of your head, wipe the clipper free of loose hairs sitting on the blade with the brush. Not wiping the brush can cause you to not get a clean cut of your hair. This could result in uneven cuts which will leave patches of hair on your head.

Step 3: 3. Repeat Step 2

I repeat step 2 to ensure I have cut all the hair off my head. You don’t have to comb each side of your head before you cut it though. This step is just to make sure all your hair that was intended to be cut is cut off. After you repeat step two feel your head with your hand. If you feel patches that means you missed spots. If it feels smooth all over you have cut all the hair off intended to be cut.

Step 4: 4. Line the Your Hair Line

This step is more mistake prone. Unlike with trimmers, the clippers use guards which makes it almost impossible to make amistake. With that I suggest getting use to looking in the mirror practicing with the trimmers off first. Trimmers do not use gaurds for lining your hair. Doing this will get you use to the angling looking at a mirror. Once you feel comfortable turn the trimmers on first and trim around the edges of your head so that they are even. When you do this you do not have to apply the same amount of

pressure you used to cut the hair. Trim up to your hair line to do this. The hair line is where your hair is full not just where you have little strans of hair sticking out. Your hair line should look even all the way around if this is done correctly. I like to think of it as a crisp look. Very defined lines around your hair line. Do not be afraid to go into your hair line slightly to even oout your overall lining. This is normal. To get the best chance of an even liningstart from the sides of your head andwork your way to the front of the head so the two sides meet. Look at photos for visual example.

Step 5: 5. Brush Hair

Brush your hair to remove cut hairs that are on your head. Then oil your hair and brush it again. Brush your hair going with the grade of your hair. Do this because your hair is very soft and if short enough that it can dry out. This will give your hair a nice shine smooth look like you just came out the barber. Remember you do not need a lot of oilon your head. Your head produces natural oil to. A scoop with your finger tip will beenough or a even spray over the head will be more then enough.

Step 6: 6. Dab Rubbing Alcohol Around the Edges of Your Head

Do this where you lined your hair to clean the possible cuts to your skin. This will help with making sure you don’t get infected and help with bumps like razor bumps.

Step 7: 7. Check Yourself in the Mirror and Cleanup Any Areas You Need

If it’s a single loose hair use the scissors to snip it out. If it’s to where you like it congrats you just completed your first self hair cut. The below are before and after shots of the hair cut.

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    If you don't mind a really close haircut, then the simplest
    way is to use "balding" type clippers and/or something
    like the Remington Shortcut. It also helps to have a wife
    or girlfriend check out the final result and tell you if you missed
    any spots.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    So how do you get the lining at the back of the neck looking sharp?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    looks sharp!

    I've been cutting my own hair since 1997, it's an easy enough skill to master. Then again, guys hair is pretty simple stuff. I did cave once and went to a barber, it was kinda nice to be looked after by a pro.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    thanks mikeasauraus yea its pretty simple especially with a guard