How to DIY a Quadcopter?




Introduction: How to DIY a Quadcopter?

About: I'm a UAV player, I attention most news about UAV, And I know much about UAV or UAV accessories, like batteries, cameras, motor and so on

This is my experience of DIY a quadcopter, and I share these to you.

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Step 1: Choosing Right DIY Quadcopter Is Very Important!

When you begin to DIY a quadcopter, choosing right quadcopter is very important, this is my quadcopter Materials.

And the most important in this part I think is motors and lipo battery, because these two parts decided how long and how fast your quadcopter fly. I used brushless motors and Gens Ace 2200mAh 3s lipo batteryies. this battery is high has 2200mAh capacity and 25C discharge rate, can produce enough power to my quadcopter.

Step 2: Second Transformation the Circuit Board of Crazyflie

Because I Debug the system of the large quadcopter by myself, I did not choose the finished fly control and remote control, I just DIY a crazyfile flight control board.

This is the reason of why I choose crazyfile board: 1 Open source systems, 2 Reasonable system architecture, more complete help documentation and system documentation After you choose flight control program, we should make a plan about development. DIY a flight control program is not like buy a finished product, most finished products are very Reliable, you even don’t need test and fly it. But DIY a fly control can’t do it, you must test more carefully , so you can have a flight test, or it will be very dangerous, because the motor and the plane body are very heavy. First, we should test the motor part of the flight control, because I use the crazyfile, so the system can work well, but you need control the brushless motor by Electronic Speed Control, flight control use pwm to control ESC is not very simple, General ESC received signal range from 50Hz to 4xxHz , because the ESC received motor speed control signal not only get a Duty cycle. The actual use of the PPM signal, a simple point, in a pulse, 1ms high level on behalf of the lowest throttle, The throttle level of 2ms represents the maximum of the throttle, and the other time is low. The 0-100% of Throttle control is controlled by the high level 1ms-2ms pulse. So the signal at least 2ms cycle. 500Hz frequency.

Step 3: After Motors Control, I Can Begin to Assembly, Frame Assembly Is Very Simple;

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    3 years ago

    I just want to ask mate what would u recommend to use for a cheap but fast racing drone